Business Startup Checklist in Canada

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March 10, 2019
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March 16, 2019

Business Startup Checklist in Canada

Business Startup Checklist in Canada

It is good to have a great idea to start a new venture. However, that idea will become successful if you have proper guidelines. I have summed up these guidelines to make your life a bit easy and let’s discuss them one at a time;


These guidelines have been divided into the following five phases;

Planning phase

This is key to your success as it describes what type of business you have. A comprehensive business plan will lead to the path of success. This would include market research about your industry, products & services, marketing & sales strategy, HR forecasting and recruitment and a strong and stable financial plan.

Organizing finances phase

This will include the details of how much money do you require to start/ expand a business. How much money will you invest and how much will you require from your investor. A solid financial summary will add value to your investment proposal.

Registering phase

This is key to any business. Follow the link below to find out what kind of permits & licenses are required to start your business. It will also guide you that what exactly are the requirements of the business in terms of employee safety, fees and regulations. The link is; (for provincial requirements please visit your respective city website for more details)

Human Resources phase

You should know, where to look to hire new staff and how will you manage them. This might include labor laws, employee relations, health and safety, employee rights, organizational behavior etc…

Help phase

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